I, Vicente Olivas Jr., do not own this website. This website was creating during one of my freelance projects. I was allowed to host my portfolio on this domain as part of the development contract. I no longer contribute to this blog.

Vicente Olivas Jr

Marketing Automation Platforms – Braze, Salesforce, Klaviyo

E-Commerce Platforms – Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento

Content Management Systems – WordPress, SiteCore

Please see below for examples of my work. Feel free to contact me for any job inquiries.

Case Study – Shiekh

Canvas that highlighted weekly key initiatives (sales, new launches, featured products). This canvas was duplicated weekly. Then emails and push notifications were updated with relevant content for that week. Usually QA’ed and scheduled 1 week before launch.

Case Study – Porsche Irvine

I worked with Porsche Irvine during my time in college. As an email marketing specialist I designed and developed most of their campaigns and flows. Shortly after the initial Taycan rollout, I led the efforts for a new email flow targeting a segment of customers interested in the Taycan.

I designed and developed all emails within the flow. If their behavior showed interest in range, then they received a follow-up email informing them about the range of the car and then leading to a few different landing pages dealing with range.

If they interacted with the payment calculator, then they were sent the tax credit email which led them to ways they could save money any owning an electric car.

Other topics we targeted were about choosing the right trim and how you can design the Taycan using their configurator. The entire flow increased engagement and led to a 272% increase in test drive requests.