Meeting Joe Kelly at Oracle Park During the 2021 Season

Joe Kelly really is a man of the people. His antics on the field have gone a long way in making him a fan favorite wherever he is.

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The 2021 season got off to a strange start. It was better than the 2020 season since there was actual fans in the stadium. Even with a limited capacity, baseball was back.

2021 got off to a rocky start

One of the highlights of the season was when I was able to make it up to San Francisco during one of the Dodgers vs Giants series. It was my first trip to Oracle Park and it was a very memorable one! Not to mention, the Dodgers ended up sweeping the Giants that series.

I missed the first game of the series when the Dodgers won 2-1 on May 21st. But I was able to make the second game and got their plenty early to make sure I had enough time for entry requirements.

Oracle Park should be near the top of any bucket list

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Oracle Park, I definitely recommend getting there early! It is one of the nicest ballparks that I have been to (I have only been to 6 so far). You can go up to the 300s section and get a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean.

Dodgers’ bullpen warming up at Oracle Park on May 21st, 2021

When I got into the stadium, the Dodgers’ bullpen was still warming up so I headed down. It was great seeing some professional pitchers up close as went through their pregame routine. The best part of it was how interactive the Dodgers’ relievers were. I asked Joe Kelly for a ball when he was done warming up and he tossed it right over.

True class act from the Dodgers

Of course, players shouldn’t feel obligated to interact with fans but it’s always great when they do. Julio Urias was taking some photos with some fans as he was resting a bit. Joe Kelly came by as well and he was just as you’d expect.

When he was asked for a photo I could hear him ask, “Are you a righty or a lefty?”. Whatever the fan would answer, he would respond with, “Sorry, I only take pictures with” whatever answer they didn’t provide.

Picture with Joe Kelly at Oracle Park
Meeting Joe Kelly at Oracle Park

Joe Kelly being Joe Kelly

He was obviously joking and every single time it got a chuckle out of the fans. I made my way over to him to see if I could get a photo as well. He asked me the question. I inevitably answered incorrectly but he said he would make an exception, as he did with every other fan that asked him.

I held up the ball he tossed me earlier and he was ecstatic about it. Made my first trip to Oracle Park all the more special. Ended the day watching the Dodgers beat the Giants 6-3. Also the hot dogs and the pizza are amazing by ballpark standards.

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