Bold Predictions: Jared Walsh will be a 2021 All Star


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Jared Walsh. Not really a house-hold name but if he keeps playing the way he his right now, then everyone will know his name. The Angels’ first baseman is entering his first full season in the majors. In 2019 he played 31 games, 32 games in 2020, and he has currently played 46 games in 2021.

Wonderfully Walsh in Anaheim

Walsh has been one of the only good surprises from the Angels this year. If it weren’t for Walsh, the Angels would already be sellers heading into June. But Walsh has carried a huge load for the Angels. Of course, Ohtani is probably the MVP for the Angels but Walsh would definitely be second. He is quietly rising in the conversation of making his first All Star appearance.

Jared Walsh hits first Walk-Off HR in 2021

With Trout out until July, Ohtani is stuck carrying this team on his back. He’s the best pitcher by far and he’s the best hitter in the lineup as well. Although, Walsh is close on his tail. The 27 year old is currently hitting .321 with 11 home runs and 37 RBIs. If he finishes the season strong then the Angels should make it a priority to give him an extension just like they did with Fletcher.

Fletcher and Rendon slumping means more pressure on Walsh

Fletcher has started off the season in a slump and Rendon is still finding hit swing after coming back from the IL. The only reason the Angels are winning games is because of Walsh and Ohtani at the moment. And I’m really not trying to say that the Angel players aren’t talented, a lot of them really are. They just aren’t clicking at the right time.

Anyways make sure to catch Jared Walsh in his first All Star Game appearance in Colorado this year. With the way he’s playing there is no reason he shouldn’t be selected.

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