Re-signing Corey Seager Would Mean Having to Trade Gavin Lux

Re-signing Corey Seager sounds great on paper but then you realize that they would most likely have to trade Gavin Lux and Tony Gonsolin who have been of great value and under team control until 2027.

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The Dodgers have a lot of money tied up to their payroll for the 2022 season. But they still have many free agents that they would like to sign, most of them they’re trying to re-sign.

The Dodgers have about $35 million left before hitting the luxury tax threshold which so many teams desperately try to avoid. That $35 million might be just enough to get Scherzer if they commit to a few years. Or it could be just enough to get Kershaw and Chris Taylor. Or it could be enough to get Seager and another high risk starter like Heaney.

Dodgers have to choose their free agents very carefully

If the Dodgers are able to re-sign Seager, it will be around the $25 – $30 million mark for several years. That would leave virtually nothing to spend on another free agent before passing the threshold of $210 million.

If that was the case then the Dodgers would need pitching since they would be without Kershaw, Scherzer and May. Of course they would be without Bauer, but the situation with him is a bit complicated. Several insiders in the Dodgers’ clubhouse have made it clear that Bauer won’t pitch for the Dodgers again. Even if MLB decides not to suspend him, meaning that the Dodgers would have the rest of his $70 million.

2022 starting rotation a hollow shell of what it used to be

With only Buehler, Urias and Gonsolin in the rotation, the Dodgers will have to look at trades to fill out the rest. The A’s seem to be the perfect team to help the Dodgers in this area. Honestly, the Dodgers could make a play at all 3 pitchers that the A’s are interested in dealing.

Chris Bassitt, Sean Manaea and Frankie Montas could all be headed their way down south if the Dodgers re-sign Corey Seager. Of course the Dodgers would have to offer some professional level prospects. And the name on everyone’s mind is Gavin Lux.

Re-signing Corey Seager means that Gavin Lux won’t have a future with the Dodgers

If Corey Seager is re-signed then it is clear that he doesn’t have a future with the Dodgers anyways. The Dodgers have reported interest in offering an extension to Trea Turner which would mean that Gavin Lux would have to find playing time here and there.

For such a young talent, he needs more playing time to develop into the All-Star that he could be. Part of that deal would have to include Tony Gonsolin as well. Gonsolin has the potential to be a really good starter. Probably not an ace but someone who can keep you in games and eat innings.

Oakland A’s would be the likely landing spot for Gavin Lux

The Dodgers would have to give up another young player that is close to major league ready to make the A’s strongly consider this deal. It would work out great for the A’s as well. They would offload close to $30 million on players that they would only have control over for the next two years (Bassitt being the only one that would be a free agent next year).

Not only that, but the A’s would also get 2 quality players that are major league proven and they would be under team control until 2027. So if the Dodgers are going to re-sign Corey Seager, then they have to be ready to trade Gavin Lux and Tony Gonsolin. Of course, all of this would change if MLB suspends Bauer sooner rather than later. 

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