Corey Seager

Rangers Sign Marcus Semien Which Helps Dodgers Retain Corey Seager

The Texas Rangers have signed Marcus Semien which paves the path for a two-horse race between the Yankees and Dodgers for Seager.

Are the Dodgers Waiting Too Long to Make Transactions?

The Dodgers have been rather calm at the start of free agency. Are they waiting too long to make their moves on top players?

Dodgers Don’t Seem Likely To Sign Another Shortstop If Seager Leaves

The Dodgers are in on Corey Seager but they are not in the market for a shortstop if they can't re-sign their star player.

Re-signing Corey Seager Would Mean Having to Trade Gavin Lux

Corey Seager is set to make a lot of money and he deserves it. If the Dodgers re-sign him it could be the end of Gavin Lux's time in LA.

Are the Rangers the Biggest Threat For the Dodgers in the Free Agent Market?

The Rangers have a lot of payroll to work with if they choose to spend big, they can. Dodgers might be forced into a bidding war.

Chris Taylor Declines Qualifying Offer Meaning Negotiations On the Way

Chris Taylor declining the Dodgers' qualifying offer does not mean he wants to leave. He wants a more years on his contract.

Corey Seager Declines Qualifying Offer From Dodgers as Expected

Corey Seager is looking for a long-term and high value contract this offseason. Can the Dodgers afford him or do they stick with Gavin Lux?

Dodgers Falling Behind in NL West Race

The Dodgers appear to be heading to third place once again. The Giants and Padres are gaining critical ground before the All Star break.

Gavin Lux or Corey Seager? Tough Decision for Dodgers in 2022

Gavin Lux is making it extremely hard on the Dodgers' front office as he's playing great baseball in a year that Corey Seager becomes a free agent.