Dodgers Don’t Seem Likely To Sign Another Shortstop If Seager Leaves

For the Dodgers, it appears as though it’s Seager or bust. There are an abundance of shortstops in the market this year but that doesn’t seem to affect the Dodgers’ plan for the offseason.

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Corey Seager is likely to get around $30 million a year for 5 – 8 years. It’s a lot of money that the Dodgers don’t have if they are to stay under the luxury tax threshold. Of course, it’s not the end of the world if they do but it is something to keep an eye on.

Star-studded shortstop free agent list

Other notable free agent shortstops include the like of Carlos Correa, Marcus Semien, Trevor Story and Javier Baez. The only shortstop that seems to be linked heavily with one team appears to be Baez. The Mets are looking to re-sign him but it’s still not a guarantee considering the debacle going on in their front-office.

The free agent expected to make the least amount of money appears to be Marcus Semien. He is also the oldest of the bunch at 31 years old. Semien could net around $20 million depending on how many years he’s offered. Last season, he hit for a .256 average with 45 home runs.

It’s Corey Seager or bust for the Dodgers

Despite those great numbers, the Dodgers are only focused on Corey Seager. In a team full of superstars, Corey Seager has held his own. It makes sense that the Dodgers would only be interested in Seager. Why try for anyone else when you could retain the best? They extended Seager a qualifying offer which he expectedly rejected rather quickly.

If they are unable to pay Seager the big bucks, then Gavin Lux is the logical replacement. Gavin Lux is a great young player and has the potential to be a good player. With more at-bats there’s no telling how good he can be. And Lux being under team control until 2027 means that he won’t cost nearly as much as Seager.

Dodgers betting on Lux if Seager leaves

This will allow the Dodgers to try and get some arms in their currently depleted rotation. If the season were to start tomorrow, the rotation would consist of Buehler, Urias and Gonsolin. They need at least 2 more pitchers to have a decent shot at the title next year.

It would definitely be great to see Seager back in Dodger Blue next season. But it’s also great knowing that there’s someone the Dodgers can turn to if they can’t re-sign Seager, instead of over-paying for other shortstops in the market.

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