Getting a Game Ball From Chris Taylor in Citi Field During 2021 Season

Citi Field was an unexpected stop for us last season but it confirmed something we already kind of knew… Dodger fans are the best travelers.

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Dodger fans are known for a lot of things. But one of the things they’re most proud of has to be their reputation for road support.

The Big Apple

I was lucky enough to follow them for a few games last season. One of the stops was in New York against the Mets.

It was my first time at Citi Field so I din’t really know what to expect. I didn’t even know if the Dodgers would have many fans there since it’s one of the furthest stadiums from Los Angeles.

I had followed the Dodgers to San Francisco and San Diego but I wouldn’t say that’s a good testament to the Dodgers support on the road. Their history with the Giants is enticing enough to make the trip up north.

San Diego is the Dodgers’ second home

And San Diego is only a 2 hour drive and can be made a fun weekend trip for many Dodger fans. But to travel to across the country to see them play against a team they have no history with was a good test to see how well Dodger fans travel.

It was obvious from the start that it was going to be a pretty even split of fans. There was no batting practice so a lot of the fans were scattered around the park finding concessions.

Citi Field holds it own

One thing that I will note is that Citi Field is a really nice stadium. I would say that it is a lot like Oracle Park but more modern.

Since I was sitting behind the Dodgers dugout, my fan count might have been a bit skewed but the noise seemed to ring around the park.

Dodgers vs. Mets at Citi Field on 08/14/2021

It was a tough fought game. Walker Buehler had one of his best starts of the season. He allowed 1 run on 4 hits and 3 walks while racking up a total of 10 strikeouts. He threw a staggering 110 pitches in a no-decision effort.

One of the highlights of last season

The Dodgers ended up winning in 10 innings by a score of 2 – 1. Lots of excitement great pitching throughout.

Not to discredit the Mets fans, they were loud when they needed to, but the Dodger fans really made their presence felt. If I had to make a guess, I would say it was at least a 50/50 split that day at Citi Field. Where I was sitting, it was about a 90/10 split so that of course made the experience that much more exciting for me.

Game highlights (2:40 is the ball that Chris Taylor gave me)

Anyways, the highlight of the night for me wasn’t the great game or watching my favorite Dodger pitcher dominate. The best part was my favorite Dodger player, Chris Taylor, tossing up a game ball to me after the bottom of the 3rd inning. Walker Buehler pitched the ball, Max Muncy fielded the ground-ball and Chris Taylor tossed it up.

Really rounded out a great Dodgers win.

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