Are Dodger Fans the Best Traveling Team in Baseball?It’s Not Even Close


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The Dodgers are one of the most popular team, not just in the US, but in the world. If I’m being completely unbiased, they’re only second to the New York Yankees as the most recognized team in all of baseball.

Just because someone can recognize a Yankee logo faster than a Dodger logo, that doesn’t mean they have a higher attendance. The Dodgers have once again finished with the highest attendance in baseball. A true testament to Dodger fans everywhere.

The Dodgers had the highest attendance in 2021 and it’s not even close

Their 34,625 average attendance is more than 5,000 higher than the second place team, the Atlanta Braves. So what makes this team so special? It’s the fans.

Not only did the Dodgers have the highest home attendance, they also had the highest road attendance. They averaged over 25,000 fans per game when they were the visiting team.

Seeing them on the road is truly amazing

It’s truly a remarkable stat and a testament to the Dodgers’ faithful. I traveled a few times to see the Dodgers on the road last season and I was not surprised with what I found.

Dodger fans always flooded the stadium with Dodger blue. All three roadtrips that I followed them on, they seemed to at least account for half of the attendance. And they always seemed to be the loudest.

Yes, on two of the three roadtrips, they played against the Giants and the Padres. I know those are more common to find Dodger fans at because of the divisional rivalry and closer proximity. But for the third roadtrip, I went across the country to see them in Citi Field and it was as if they were playing in San Diego.

Dodger players go out of their way to thank their fans

I had some memorable moments watching the Dodgers on the road last year, like meeting Joe Kelly at Oracle Park and getting a game ball from Chris Taylor at Citi Field, but I was always amazed at the support the Dodgers had from their fans.

What’s also amazing is that the players are so grateful for that support. Meeting Joe Kelly and getting that ball from Chris Taylor wasn’t a happy accident. It was because of their gratitude. Many Dodger fans got to experience something similar to what I experienced and it’s great that the players appreciate the fans to that scale.

It is really something special to watch the Dodgers play in Los Angeles but it’s a whole other experience when you see them on the road. 

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