What Do the Dodgers Expect From Gavin Lux With Seager Gone?

The Dodgers have officially lost Corey Seager. They will look to Gavin Lux to replace him but what can they realistically expect?

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Corey Seager had no choice but to leave

Corey Seager has left the Dodgers. No one can really blame him for following the money. He made the decision that was best for him. The Rangers offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse. There is no blame to put on the Dodgers or Corey Seager for him not being back in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers must now start to plan on playing the 2022 with Trea Turner and Gavin Lux. Trea Turner is a perennial All-Star so there isn’t anyone else they’d rather have. But Gavin Lux is a different situation.

Gavin Lux is already putting up decent numbers

Gavin Lux is a wonderful young talent that has shown streets of greatness. The 2021 season was his first full experience in the majors and he performed well.

He hit for a .242 average and .328 on-base percentage. Gavin Lux is no Corey Seager but he does have the talent to achieve greatness. The issue is that they’re taking a significant risk with no other alternative.

Lux played less than 25 games in 2019 and 2020. There’s no telling if Lux can handle the workload of an entire season being a full-time middle infielder. In 2021, he appeared in 102 games which is good but is expected to play in a lot more games in 2022.

The Dodgers should be content with another 2021 season from Gavin Lux

The Dodgers are going to save a lot of money by keeping Lux and losing Seager, but they might end up paying for it with wins this season. Hopefully, that is not the case. Gavin Lux is a great young player and appears to only need time to develop into a true major leaguer. This could be the year that he breaks out.

If he could perform slightly better than is 2021 season then it would be a great accomplishment for Gavin Lux and a step in the right direction for his development. And the Dodgers should be quite content with those numbers as well considering what they’re paying him and what others with his production are getting paid.

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