Re-signing Chris Taylor Could Be the Most Important Offseason Move

Well it’s Chris Taylor-time again. When are people going to realize his tremendous value?

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It’s hard not to love a player like Chris Taylor. He’s been my favorite Dodger since 2017. So of course this post is going to be completely biased. It was his first full year as a Dodger. His NLCS performance that won him the MVP that series was truly something spectacular.

He’s the type of player that you want to see succeed no matter the team you’re rooting for. He’s a true baseball player.

How does Chris Taylor help the Dodgers?

Re-signing Chris Taylor opens up a lot of interesting options for the Dodgers. His super-utility status can help the Dodgers focus on spending on starting pitching.

With Corey Seager signing with the Rangers, the Dodgers look like they’ll be turning to Gavin Lux to fill out that short stop position. As it stands, the Dodgers can field a solid defense.

Dodgers’ projected lineup looks good but lacks depth

An early projected lineup would feature Will Smith C, Max Muncy 1B, Trea Turner 2B, Justin Turner 3B, Gavin Lux SS, Cody Bellinger RF, Chris Taylor CF, and Mookie Betts RF. The issue with this roster would be how thin it is. Should anyone get hurt, lot of things would change.

The depth really ends with AJ Pollock and Matt Beaty. The Dodgers have some other young players in their arsenal but it’s not ideal to be counting on them everyday.

Chris Taylor allow the Dodgers to be resourceful

Because of this, Roberts will be looking to give some of the starters days off every now and again. And that’s where Chris Taylor provides even more value.

Chris Taylor can virtually slot in anywhere except catcher, pitcher and first base. I include short stop because he would cover second base and either Lux or Turner would go to short stop for the time-being.

Time to fill out the rotation

Point is, Chris Taylor lets the Dodgers be a little more resourceful. They can focus those saved resources on filling out a rotation that is very different than last years.

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