Will Blake Treinen Be the Dodgers’ Closer During the 2022 Season?

If there’s a 2022 season, the Dodgers shouldn’t have too much to worry about even if Kenley Jansen does leave.

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The Dodgers look unlikely to resign Kenley Jansen. The team and fans have had a bumpy relationship with the All-Star closer. Even though he put up a tremendous season in 2021, the Dodgers could be thinking of moving onto a cheaper option.

Dodger fans shouldn’t be worried about the closer situation next season. There’s someone that the Dodgers already have who should have earned their trust by now.

Blake Treinen deserves the trust of the Dodgers

Blake Treinen is possibly the most underrated reliever in all of baseball. The reason for that is Kenley Jansen. Treinen has been mostly used as a setup man by the Dodgers.

He’s only been a part of the Dodgers’ bullpen since 2020 but he’s been lights out in that span. Treinen has posted a 2.48 ERA over that span. Hearing those numbers it seems like it should be an easy call right?

Could Treinen be haunted by his last season as a closer?

The problem is that the last time Blake Treinen was a closer, he posted a 4.91 ERA with the A’s in 2019. He did great in the two seasons before that but the more recent performance has some weight to it.

He has definitely proven that he deserves another shot. With Jansen likely leaving, this is the perfect opportunity for him.

Dodgers can’t afford to sign a high-priced closer so Treinen is the natural successor

The Dodgers will be looking to unload cost to revitalize their rotation that currently has some holes in it. Treinen allows them to go by this offseason with out having to spend big on a closer on the market.

Anyway you look at it point you in the direction of Blake Treinen being the closer for the Dodgers in the 2022 season. Of course, that’s only if there’s a season…

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