The Rangers Are Not Going To Stop Chasing Dodger Free Agents

The Rangers have now committed more money to free agent signings in one offseason than any other team in the history of baseball. But they’re not stopping there.

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In a devastating blow to Dodger fans everywhere, Seager has signed a ten-year contract worth $325 million. No one can blame Seager for chasing the money. The Dodgers were reportedly around the seven-year mark but around the same average annual value.

What now becomes frightening for Dodger fans is the prospect that the Rangers aren’t done. They have had interest in Chris Taylor and Kenley Jansen since the beginning of the offseason. And Chris Taylor is rumored to make a decision before December.

Jansen looks likely to leave but where will he end up?

The Dodgers don’t appear to be strongly chasing Jansen but that doesn’t mean they won’t work out a deal. Of course, Jansen would have to be signed for a lot less than what the Dodgers offered him in his previous contract.

And the elephant in the room is Clayton Kershaw. He has been heavily linked to the Rangers before the season even ended. The Rangers can offer Kershaw more than the Dodgers can and they’ll probably be more motivated to do so.

There are many free agents out there that can help the Dodgers but most of the familiar faces from the Dodgers’ free agent class are gone. It’s been a tough start to the offseason and the Rangers don’t have any reason to stop there.

Rangers are a team with deep pockets and lots of holes in their roster.

The Rangers need help everywhere in their roster. They are getting better every day though. We all know that they signed Corey Seager, but they have also signed Marcus Semien, Jon Gray and Kole Calhoun recently.

They can give Chris Taylor some playing time in the outfield and third base. The Rangers would love to have Jansen after he seemed to find himself again in the 2021 season. And of course, Kershaw would make a great number #2 or #3 in the Rangers’ rotation.

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