Clayton Kershaw

The Rangers Are Not Going To Stop Chasing Dodger Free Agents

The Rangers have made their presence known in the offseason. They signed Corey Seager but are the done signing former Dodger players?

Rangers Sign Marcus Semien Which Helps Dodgers Retain Corey Seager

The Texas Rangers have signed Marcus Semien which paves the path for a two-horse race between the Yankees and Dodgers for Seager.

The Dodgers Are Apparently Out On Kevin Gausman

Kevin Gausman is looking to make a decision before the start of December. Dodgers are reportedly a long-shot to sign him.

Are the Dodgers Waiting Too Long to Make Transactions?

The Dodgers have been rather calm at the start of free agency. Are they waiting too long to make their moves on top players?

Re-signing Corey Seager Would Mean Having to Trade Gavin Lux

Corey Seager is set to make a lot of money and he deserves it. If the Dodgers re-sign him it could be the end of Gavin Lux's time in LA.

What Verlander’s Contract Tells Us About the Pitchers’ Market

It took basically $50 million for two-years to bring back Verlander to Houston. The prices are getting higherand higher for pitching.

Are the Rangers the Biggest Threat For the Dodgers in the Free Agent Market?

The Rangers have a lot of payroll to work with if they choose to spend big, they can. Dodgers might be forced into a bidding war.

Dodgers Don’t Extend Qualifying Offer to Clayton Kershaw

Is it good or bad that the Dodgers did not extend a qualifying offer to Clayton Kershaw? A breakdown on what the strategy is for both parties.

Dodgers Are the 2021 World Series Champions… Probably

The Dodgers are once again at the top of MLB rankings. Their recent moves to bolster their rotation was the difference maker.

Dodgers Need Another Starter to Return as Favorites

The Dodgers need to acquire en established starter to put themselves back as favorites to win back to back World Series.
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