Dodgers Are the 2021 World Series Champions… Probably

Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series Champions

The Los Angeles Dodgers are back to being the favorites. Yes, they are not even in first place in their own division but it’s only a matter of time. The Dodgers acquired 3 of the best players at the trade deadline to boost an already stacked roster.

Starting pitching will always be key

The Dodgers were favorites at the start of the season but things haven’t been going their way since. Their starting rotation is what really separated them from the rest of the pack. Buehler, Kershaw, Bauer, Urias and May with Price and Gonsolin waiting in the bullpen to bail out a starter who wasn’t on their A game.

Their rotation now looks a lot different. Bauer is unlikely to pitch another game in a Dodgers’ uniform. May is out for the season. 40% of the Dodgers’ rotation is out for one reason or another. This could easily be attributed to why they continue to be in second place in the NL West.

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San Francisco still in first place

The Giants are still in first place but their days seem numbered. The Dodgers rotation is back at full strength, or maybe even stronger than that. Max Scherzer and Danny Duffy were added as reinforcements that arguably make the Dodgers’ rotation even better than it was at the start of the season. Buehler, Scherzer, Kershaw, Duffy, and Urias is the new rotation.

The Giants only added Kris Bryant to their lineup to help their arsenal but the Dodgers also added Trea Turner so no real progress there. Not only did the moves make them favorites in the NL West, they are the favorites for the World Series once again.

Playoff rotation will be a mystery

The Dodgers have are in a very fortunate situation to have more than a few quality starters on their roster. Buehler, Scherzer and Kershaw are sure to be in their playoff rotation, but the question is whether or not they ad another to the rotation.

Urias and Duffy will be the favorites for that spot but might be unlikely to get that role. Urias or Duffy might get the nod to start a game but will probably have a short leash and will be replaced by the other. Gonsolin and Price will also be on the long relief role in the bullpen so the Dodgers are well prepared.

Los Angeles Dodgers

2021 World Series Champions

Back-to-Back got a nice ring to it…

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