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Well the season is over… It stung but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about how the Dodgers performed against teams over the .500 mark. Sometimes this stat can be very predictive in determining how far a team will go in October. Did the Dodgers underachieve or overdeliver?

How did the Dodgers finish the season?

The Dodgers finished the season with 106 wins during the regular season which somehow wasn’t enough to win the division, as I’m sure many of us still remember that. The Giants finished won the division with 107 games and finished with the best record in baseball.

That means the Dodgers lost the division by one game so it can’t get any closer than that right? Wrong, it can. The Giants finished with a 35-28 record against teams with a winning record. The Dodgers were 35-27 against teams over .500…

Why does it matter?

Well, it doesn’t really matter anymore since their season is over but it’s a great baseline for the 2022 season. And it’s a great way to reminisce and appreciate the historic the Dodgers had, and the Giants.

It is rather sad that we only got to see the Dodgers and the Giants in the NLDS but it was amazing while it lasted. Just because the Padres were relevant when I was writing the first drafts of this article early in the season, they finished with a 39-44 record.

Baseball isn’t fair and it’s great

While a 35-28 record and 35-27 record is great, the Astros actually had the best record against teams over .500 and look where that got them, the World Series. The Braves, on the other hand, were not so great. They finished the season with a losing record against teams with a winning record. 31-37 to be exact.

And yes, it was bad enough to be the worst winning percentage of any playoff team in 2021.

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