Max Scherzer

Dodgers Making One Last Quiet Push For Scherzer Before December

Things have been excruciatingly quiet in the Dodgers' front office this offseason but that has pointed to success in recent times.

The Dodgers Are Apparently Out On Kevin Gausman

Kevin Gausman is looking to make a decision before the start of December. Dodgers are reportedly a long-shot to sign him.

Re-signing Corey Seager Would Mean Having to Trade Gavin Lux

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What Verlander’s Contract Tells Us About the Pitchers’ Market

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Is Max Scherzer Top Priority For the Dodgers?

Max Scherzer is looking to be the highest paid player this offseason but does that make him too expensive for the Dodgers?

How the Giants Eliminated the Dodgers One Series Later

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Dodgers Are the 2021 World Series Champions… Probably

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Could the Angels Make a Surprise Move for Scherzer?

Angel fans are hoping for another splash move from the Angels' front office. Scherzer is a far reach but they have the capacity to get him.