Dodgers Making One Last Quiet Push For Scherzer Before December

The Dodgers have a history of keeping their moves rather private until they are official. With all the news going to the Mets, silence might be a good sign for the Dodgers.

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Over the last few days, the Mets have gone from a laughing-stock to a contender for their division. Of course, they are still underdogs but that might not be for long. Their Black Friday signing flurry put them on the map as an intriguing landing spot for those that want to win and get paid handsomely.

The Yankees and the Rangers would be up there as well but the Dodgers have to be a little bit smarter with their money. This doesn’t eliminate them from the conversation at all though. They have been linked with Scherzer since the beginning of the offseason. Many would say that he was even the Dodgers’ top priority.

The quiet before the storm?

Things have been excruciatingly quiet from a fans’ point of view. But that is usually a good thing. Bauer was heavily linked to other teams hours before the Dodgers signed him (for better or for worse). Scherzer was also a Padre according to many reports once the Dodgers were able to snag him and Trea Turner.

There are some reports coming out that talks have gone silent this morning in the Mets’ organization after Scott Boras, Scherzer’s agent, suggested that he would only be interested in pitching for the Mets on a four-year deal. At the moment Scherzer looks destined for a three-year deal especially if he wants to stay on the west coast.

Length could be the deciding factor on where Scherzer ends up.

Both the Dodgers and the Angels would prefer a shorter term deal considering some other young players they would like to extend in a few years time. However, at Scherzer’s age, no one will blame him if he chooses the four-year option if someone gives it to him.

The next couple of days should be very exciting in the baseball world. The Dodgers might miss out on Scherzer but that won’t be the end of the world. Robbie Ray and Marcus Stroman are expected to wait until 2022 to make a decision. Both would be solid additions to the Dodgers’ rotation as well.

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