Rangers Sign Marcus Semien Which Helps Dodgers Retain Corey Seager

The Rangers are spending big this offseason and it should worry the Dodgers. The Rangers are still linked to Clayton Kershaw and Chris Taylor but they should have an easy time trying to re-sign Seager now.

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In a strange turn of events this offseason, the Rangers appear to be the Dodgers biggest foe. While the Dodgers should still worry about the Yankees, especially when it comes to Seager, it’s more manageable knowing that this is might end up a two-horse race.

The Rangers snagged the third-best shortstop in the market with a seven-year deal worth $175 million. It’s actually a decent value for the Rangers but they went a bit longer than anyone expected considering that Semien is 31 years old.

Seager and Correa lead the market

The two best shortstops are still on the market, Seager and Correa. Seager looks to be the one getting the most attention in the free agent market at the moment. It could be because he is reportedly looking to make a deal before December.

With the Rangers seemingly out of the way, the Dodgers seem like they only need to worry about the Yankees. There are other teams involved but the Yankees and the Dodgers seem like the best fit by a large margin.

Rangers open to signing another shortstop

The Rangers are apparently open to signing another free agent shortstop but they have likely priced themselves out of Seager and Correa. It just wouldn’t be smart on their end to spend so much on two shortstops when they have so many holes in the rest of the roster.

Of course, this does help their case in signing Chris Taylor and Clayton Kershaw. The Rangers are a significantly better team now than they were at the start of the offseason. Their willingness to spend and motivation to win makes Texas a more appealing landing spot to any free agent.

Battle between New York and Los Angeles

Clayton Kershaw is not expected to sign a deal until 2022 but Chris Taylor seems likely to sign before December. Seager’s team has made it apparent that he wants to sign before December as well so these next couple of days should be very interesting.

It’s Los Angeles or New York. Seager can’t go wrong but it’d be great to see him back in Dodger Blue.

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