Sandoval Flirts With Baseball Immortality vs Twins


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In case you’re new to this blog, I’m a big fan of Sandoval. He is arguably one of the best developments of the Angels this year. Of course, Jared Walsh would also be in that conversation. But Patrick Sandoval can help where the Angels need it the most, their starting rotation.

Sandoval is becoming a pillar in Angels’ rotation

Ever since Sandoval earned his spot in the starting rotation, he’s been very good. His 3.52 ERA keeps the Angels in the game most of the time he is on the mound. His 3-4 record doesn’t truly reflect that but that’s been more of the Angels fault with some poor run support.

The Twins aren’t a great team. They are 15 games under .500 and have been out of playoff contention for a while. But most no-hitters are against teams that aren’t that great. It is still a very impressive feat to accomplish.

Sandoval got better as the game went on

Obviously Sandoval was great from the start. He did give up a walk to Donaldson to start the 2nd inning. The perfect game was over rather early, before anyone had even given a thought to it. If anything that might have helped him get as far as he did. While I’m sure the pressure a no-hitter dawns on a lot of pressure on a pitcher, it does not compare to a perfect game.

He started off the game going 4 innings and only collected 4 strikeouts. Not a great mark, but not bad either. But as the game went on, his changeup got more and more electric. In the following 4.2 innings, Patrick Sandoval was able to collect 9 strikeouts.

Sandoval delivers near no-hitter vs Twins on July 24, 2021

Angels need more than just Ohtani, Trout, Walsh, and Fletcher

Sandoval is making a name for himself this season. And he will be a big factor in whether or not the Angels will make it to the playoffs. Unfortunately, that has also come at the expense of Canning taking a step back in his development this year. In a team with Trout, Ohtani, Walsh, and Rendon, Sandoval is going to carry a lot of the weight.

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