MLB Lockout

With Delays on the Horizon, Here Are Key Dates to the 2022 MLB Season

There are certain key dates the MLB and the MLBPA will need to keep in mind if they want to avoid delays to the 2022 MLB season.

Players’ Union Currently Deciding Next Steps Based On Owners’ Proposal

Next meeting will be very telling as to when the lockout might end. Will the players’ union continue to cut back on their proposals or hold their ground this time around? Estimated reading time: 2 minutes January 24th and January 25th proved to be meaningful dates to baseball fans everywhere. It was the first time...

MLB Presents Updated Proposal During Second Meeting in Two Days

MLB's latest proposal was relatively light in cutbacks meaning that they want to maintain power during negotiations with the MLBPA.

MLB and MLBPA Make Significant Progress For Getting New CBA

CBA negotiations are finally making progress after the MLBPA presented many changes to their most recent proposal.