Players’ Union Currently Deciding Next Steps Based On Owners’ Proposal

Next meeting will be very telling as to when the lockout might end. Will the players’ union continue to cut back on their proposals or hold their ground this time around?

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January 24th and January 25th proved to be meaningful dates to baseball fans everywhere. It was the first time that one could actually feel optimistic about the 2022 season. While nothing is set in stone, we’re miles ahead of where we were at the beginning of the year.

Players’ union is next to propose their plans

Both the MLBPA and MLB have proposed revised plans but the union is next to present. They are expected to counter yet again later this week. The union is currently taking the time to revise the plans that MLB proposed on January 25th.

It’s hard to tell when this lockout might end. Both parties are very far in terms of where the fall on the spectrum for some of the most debated items. However, they’re much closer than they were when the lockout began.

How much are the owners’ willing to give up?

In recent CBA’s, the owners’ have been labeled as the winners since they’ve been able to maintain heavy control and pocket lots of earnings. Understandably, the players’ union is looking to get some of that power and money back on their side.

Sadly, it will come at the expense of a delayed season. Although, the fault is definitely not with the players. It’s with the billionaires. The billionaires are capable of paying a lot more than what is being asked. But they choose to fight for every last dime.

Next meeting is likely to happen by the end of this week

The next meeting will be a key indicator as to when the lockout might end. If the players’ union continues to make drastic cuts to their proposals, then we know it’ll be over soon. If they stand their ground, it will go on as long as the owners want it to.

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