Angels Could Make Moves Up in the AL West in June


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The Angels started off June with a huge win against the first place Giants from the NL West. This also marks the third straight series that the Angels have not lost. They face a relatively easier schedule in June so they will hope to turn the tide then.

Tough May for the Angels

The Angels were battered in May and finished the month going 12-18 which set them behind in the standings. In fact, the Angels only won 2 series in May. They will look to bounce back in June but that won’t be the easiest task considering that Trout will be out the whole month.

The toughest games will come at the end of the month when they take on the Giants, Rays, and Yankees. Before that, the Angels will play 3 games in Oakland but they aren’t really a powerhouse team. The Angels are currently 5.5 games out of first place so they will need any help they can get.

The road to .500

Their 25-30 record puts them 5 games under .500 and June can give them the opportunity erase that margin. For the Angels to be buyers at the trade deadline, they will need to be close to .500 for it to make logical sense to give up assets for rentals that could help them make a playoff run.

After the Angels win over the Giants to start the month of June, they will travel to back to Anaheim to host the Mariners for 4 games and the Royals for 3 games. Then they will head off to Arizona for 3 games and then to Oakland for 3 more. They will then return to Anaheim to host the Tigers for 4 games and Giants for 2 games.

Angels end June with tough AL East matchups

Then June will hit them hard at the end of the month as they will face a couple AL East teams. The Angels will travel to Tampa Bay for 3 games and New York for 3 games.

The Angels need to get to off to a good start in June in order to have some breathing room when they face the Rays and Yankees. My predictions will be that the Angels will go 15-11 for the month of June which would put their record at 40-41 which is exactly where they would need to be to finish off the month

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