No Slack for Angels as Red Sox Await them in Fenway


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The road doesn’t look like it is getting any easier for the Angels anytime soon. They will take on the Boston Red Sox at Fenway for the weekend. The Boston Red Sox have just been ranked #2 on our MLB Team Rankings list with a 23-16 record. Their run differential also comes in at +36 so they have shown flashes of being a great team.

Tough task for Angels to try and turn around their season against Red Sox

The Angels, other the other hand, have been faltering the whole season. They have reasons to be excited about this trip to Boston because of Rendon possibly making his return to the lineup. And they will have Canning and Bundy on the hill for the first two games of the series. Even though Canning and Bundy don’t have great numbers for the season, they are arguably their best starting pitchers if we’re not including Ohtani.

Red Sox look to keep momentum going

In contrast to the Red Sox, the Angels have a -38 run differential and are in dead last of the AL West with a 16-20 record. In fact, the Angels have such a pitching problems that they have given up the second-most runs in all of baseball. They only trail the Colorado Rockies on most runs allowed and the Rockies play in a notoriously hitter-friendly ballpark.

The Angels’ expectation for this series will be low and a series win should be considered a great triumph. But, in all honesty, not being swept will definitely feel like a win for the Angels at this point. The Red Sox on the other hand will look for the sweep to try to put some more cushioning between them and the rest of the AL East. Currently the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Rays are all within 3 games of the Red Sox.

Predictions for the road

Predictions for this weekend will be that the Angels will take one of the three due to a barrage of hitting from Trout, Ohtani, and Walsh. To make even more precise predictions that will probably be wrong, I think Bundy and the Angels will get the win on Saturday while the Red Sox will settle for Friday and Sunday.

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