May 14, 2021

No Slack for Angels as Red Sox Await them in Fenway

The Red Sox will look to make quick work of the Angels in this star-studded series. Can the Angels steal a series win in Fenway?

Weekly 2021 MLB Team Rankings with a New Number One

The Los Angeles Dodgers have officially fallen out of our top spot after poor performances against the Angels. Who takes number 1?

Elon Musk and Tesla Back Out of Bitcoin

Elon Musk went against a large portion of his fan-base by going against Bitcoin. Why the sudden change of heart for the billionaire?

Baseball’s Unwritten Rules: Rat-Gate or Raccoon-Gate in Citi Field?

The age old question of whether it was a raccoon or rat came into light at Citi Field last week. Lindor and McNeil both share their passionate opinions.

Are the Dodgers Finally Finding their Stride?

After cooling off from a hot start, the Dodgers are looking to get back on track. They swept a 2-game mini series against the Marines and now take on the Marlins.