Baseball’s Unwritten Rules: Rat-Gate or Raccoon-Gate in Citi Field?


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I will start this off by saying that people fight over seemingly dumb things. People perceive the work through their own set of eyes so there are going to be times when someone’s truth does not align with yours. For Lindor and the Mets, this happened in a very peculiar way last Friday.

Tempers at a tipping point in Mets’ win

The Mets haven’t had the best start to the season so one can understand if frustrations start to boil over here and there. But during the game, the altercation that ensued seemed to be rooted with some definite hostility. The way that some of the players reacted would definitely point to some kind of scuffle in the tunnel.

The Mets ultimately ended winning the game in the 10th inning so that definitely took away from the gravity of the situation. Lindor has not lived up to his hype after signing that huge $341 million contract for 10 years. Understandably, some of his teammates could have some resentment towards him as he has cost them a win here and there. While to error is human, you don’t get much of those if you’re getting paid $341 million.

Too much chemistry or lack there of for Lindor and McNeil

His teammate McNeil was the other player involved in the incident. He is actually the second-baseman for the Mets so you expect the chemistry to unbreakable between the two. Anyways, the story goes that they were both coming into the dugout after the top of the inning and Lindor saw a creature in the tunnel. While him and McNeil went to investigate, they made their claims on what they had seen. Lindor was adamant that it was a rat and McNeil was passionate that it was a raccoon. The age old question that we all find ourselves debating every now and again.

Both being strong opinionated players and having a relatively tough stretch certainly didn’t help, they got agitated with each other since one didn’t believe the other. Makes complete sense, I have found myself in many altercations in which I believed to have seen a unicorn and someone claimed that it was a dragon.

Team Raccoon

In all seriousness, this is one of those weird situations where it’s too dumb for someone to make up and it’s too dumb for it to be real. Just something else to divide this country. Anyways I’m team raccoon, I feel like they have a bad rep in society so I like to think it watches the games from the tunnels at Citi Field and just spends its day relaxing.

The rule goes that you are never supposed to let anyone outside the clubhouse see any kind of animosity towards your own teammate. It’s bad for the team and it invites so much speculation if not handled properly just like what we’re seeing here. Whether the story is true or not, there was an altercation and anyone can make observations based on that. Keep it in the clubhouse… Or don’t. It’s more entertaining when you do it in public.

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