Unwritten Baseball Rules: Yerminator vs La Russa


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Things have been developing quickly since Yerminator hit a 3-0 home run off of position player Willians Astudillo while the score was 15-4 in the top of the ninth. If you want more details than that on the actual play, check out our Unwritten Baseball Rules: Yerminator vs Astudillo article. But in this article, we will be discussing the ramifications of that fateful home run.

Friendly fire in Chicago dugout

It all started hours after the fact, you can even argue that it was seconds after. Tony La Russa, manager of the White Sox and ambassador of the sport, took exception to Mercedes swinging. Obviously, this isn’t too shocking since La Russa continues to be one of the most traditional people in the sport. He’s an old soul so you have to assume he’d prefer things not to change.

It got weird when he seemingly called out Mercedes. La Russa stated that “The fact that he’s a rookie, and excited, helps explain why he just was clueless. But now he’s got a clue”. I wanted to include the entire quote because I did not want to make it seem like I was paraphrasing to make La Russa sound like an old grump. The fact is, he made himself sound that way all on his own. There is no way that he should be that against Yermin swinging that he would publicly state that about Yermin. I understand if there were some words in private but why did he make it so public in denouncing him?

La Russa stays true to traditional ways

Okay, I understand that one maybe getting away from him so let’s move on? Yeah sounds good. As long as La Russa doesn’t say anything else remotely controversial or rather dumb then all is good… Well that didn’t last long.

Twins reliever Tyler Duffy was ejected after throwing behind Yermin. Of course this was to show the Twins’ displeasure with what had happened the night before. So yeah, anyone with any basic sense can conclude that Duffy intentionally throw at Mercedes. It’s not a horrible thing since he at least did it the honorable way and throw it low at his legs.

Tensions rising in Chicago

The Chicago White Sox are about as good as they’ve been in a decade but they cannot afford some bad chemistry to get in the way. They are serious contenders to take on the Yankees for the AL crown but they won’t get there if the manager is turning the clubhouse into a public hearing. La Russa’s claim that he wasn’t suspicious because he would have only been suspicious if “someone throws at someone’s head” is utterly ridiculous. I don’t understand how you simply can’t defend your own player in that kind of situation.

Even after all of that Yermin stated that he will continue being the player that he is no matter what people tell him. So this was obviously pointed at La Russa who told him that things needed to change. Whether or not something greater will come of this is yet to be determined but it sure is starting to look like it.

Yermin should keep doing what he’s doing

This might not seem like it can have a big affect on the White Sox but let’s look at it a bit closer. They’re leading their division by 3 games with much of the season still left. The clubhouse now might be pressured to choose sides between player and manager. The Yerminator has not been around long but he seems to be a lovable teammate. La Russa is surely highly respected in the clubhouse given his experience and baseball IQ. Both individuals have stated very contrasting opinions over the other. While neither are necessarily wrong or right, people might have to choose sides as tensions might start to rise.

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