Angels Win Bizarre and Eventful Game in the Bronx


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The game started with Ohtani hitting a solo home run in in the first inning. Of course Ohtani was going to live up to the hype. Yes he finished 1-5 on the night, but it was a big hit. That was oddly, the most normal thing that seemed to happen on Monday. A pitcher hitting a home run in Yankee Stadium… Sound familiar?

Halos jumped out to early lead

Anyways, in the next half inning, Bundy looked to keep the lead. It was 2-0 thanks to Walsh’s double to bring home Rendon. It was a very hot night in New York, with temperatures over 90 degrees. To make matters worse, humidity was setting around 50%. Bundy got through the first inning with only 1 run allowed so the lead remained in tact.

The top of the inning was relatively quiet for the Angels so Bundy headed to the mound with the same 2-1 lead. To provide some perspective, all the players on the field were drenched in sweat. Of course, Bundy seemed to be sweating more than most but he was pitching so it seemed normal. However, that was not the case. Bundy stepped off the mound rather suddenly and proceeded to throw up being the mound.

Bundy is unfortunately not a doctor

It was a very uneasy sight to watch. The diagnoses passed along by the Angels was that Bundy was suffering from heat exhaustion. More details came out later stating that Maddon was aware that Bundy was laboring after the first inning. But the decision ultimately came to Bundy who knew the consequences of what could happen should he not feel better. Unfortunately for everyone, especially the ground’s crew, Bundy was wrong in assessing his own state of health.

Bundy exits game after puking… Courtesy of Jomboy Media

Suarez came in for some long relief and was spectacular. His 5.1 innings would have qualified him to earn a win, which he already qualified for since he was a reliever. But if he had started the game, his 5.1 innings and 1 earned run would have qualified him for a quality start. Cishek and Iglesias both came in for one inning and allowed no hits as they shut the door on the Yankees.

Angels win the first of four in New York

Walsh finished 2-5 with 1 RBI and 1 2B. Jose Iglesias and Juan Lagares both went 2-4, with one of Lagares’ hits was a solo home run. But the player of the game was not a player at all. In fact, it was the New York Yankees’ honorary bat girl, Gwen Goldman. Learn more about Gwen’s heartwarming 60 year old story in the making.

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