FC Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid – Winner Take All in La Liga?


At this point I have tried to stop understanding when Barcelona will play good and when they won’t. Sometimes they truly look like the best team on the planet but other times it looks like they would barely hold their own against a U-14 side. There is no denying the importance of this game for both sides.

More on the line for Barcelona

Arguably, this is win or go home for Barcelona. If they fail to pick up the three point on May 8th, then they will be 5 points behind Atletico. Of course, they will not be officially written off yet but the odds will not be in their favor.  Barcelona had a golden chance to take command of the league but squandered their opportunity when they lost 2-1 to Granada on April 29th.

Should they have won that game then Barcelona could have sufficed with a draw against Atletico. But that’s not how things worked out. It’s hard to guess how a La Liga win will affect the future of Barcelona. Of course I’m talking about Messi. If they win La Liga, will Messi see it as one last hoorah with Barcelona or will it convince him to stay with the club? The same could be said if they lose. Could this be the tipping point for Messi to leave or will he want to come together and help Barcelona back to their winning ways.

Could Atletico play for a tie

Atletico Madrid should be rather content with a tie as that will put them 3 points ahead of Real Madrid and 5 points ahead of Barcelona. Of course, Real Madrid would have a game at hand but that means that Real Madrid would only be able to level Atletico on points.

Who will get the edge on May 8th? FC Barcelona or Atletico Madrid? Luis Suarez or Lionel Messi?

Personally, Barcelona seem to always get a win when they need to in La Liga when it comes to Atletico. And they seem to be getting lucky enough at times to keep scraping by. I think Barcelona will win but will lose the title down the line.

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