Chris Walker

What Verlander’s Contract Tells Us About the Pitchers’ Market

It took basically $50 million for two-years to bring back Verlander to Houston. The prices are getting higherand higher for pitching.

Are the Rangers the Biggest Threat For the Dodgers in the Free Agent Market?

The Rangers have a lot of payroll to work with if they choose to spend big, they can. Dodgers might be forced into a bidding war.

With Naming Rights as Valuable as Ever, Will Dodger Stadium Be At Risk?

The Staples Center latest name-change has brought into question whether Dodger Stadium will ever sell their naming rights.

Could the Dodgers Land Any of the Oakland A’s Big Names via Trade?

The Dodgers might have to get creative with trades if they want to pay mind to their payroll considering Bauer is still on the books.

Cincinnati Looking to Offload Potential Strong Arms to the Dodgers

The Dodgers are looking to get Luis Castillo & Sonny Grey from the Reds as they try to unload some of their payroll for the 2022 season.

Chris Taylor Declines Qualifying Offer Meaning Negotiations On the Way

Chris Taylor declining the Dodgers' qualifying offer does not mean he wants to leave. He wants a more years on his contract.

Is Max Scherzer Top Priority For the Dodgers?

Max Scherzer is looking to be the highest paid player this offseason but does that make him too expensive for the Dodgers?

Dodgers Are Early Favorites to Win 2022 World Series According to Caesars Sportsbook

According to Caesars Sportsbook, the Dodgers are the favorites to win the 2022 World Series, despite being holes in their current roster.

Corey Seager Declines Qualifying Offer From Dodgers as Expected

Corey Seager is looking for a long-term and high value contract this offseason. Can the Dodgers afford him or do they stick with Gavin Lux?

Dodgers Rightly Extend a Qualifying Offer to Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a very underrated player. His value to the Dodgers specifically makes it very likely that they're both looking to make it work
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