Dodgers Rightly Extend a Qualifying Offer to Chris Taylor

The Dodgers have issued a qualifying offer to Chris Taylor. A great move by the Dodgers as they hope to make a return to the World Series in 2022. What does this mean for the Dodgers and Chris Taylor?

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The Dodgers have offered Chris Taylor $18.4 million to return for the 2022 season and have him avoid the free agency market. Great news for Dodgers fans because he is likely to accept this deal.

Chris Taylor in line for big money this season

Chris Taylor’s previous contract was 2 years / $13.4 million which is an average of $6.7 million per year. The qualifying offer means that Chris Taylor will make almost 3 times as much as he did in the previous 2 years if he decides to accept it.

His best year came in 2017 when he hit .288/.354/.496. But he has been rather consistent after that, never being below .254/.331/.438 in the years between 2017-2021.

Health is key in an injury-prone league

Chris Taylor is consistently healthy, having only missed 30+ games once since 2017. This is very appealing to the Dodgers as they were victims of the injury bug in 2021. What makes Chris Taylor even more appealing is his utility role. He can slot in virtually anywhere and play above average defense.

He is also coming off a wonderful postseason campaign where he managed to produce a .351/.419/.719 line. His historic performance in game 5 of the NLCS will be the highlight of his career. I mean, not anyone can hit 3 HRs in a single game, let alone a postseason game.

Dodgers need to make up what they owe Chris Taylor

No matter what way you look at it, this is a great deal for the Dodgers and they arguably owe him for previous seasons considering his value to the team. As for Chris Taylor, he might be at crossroads.

If he is looking for a long-term deal, this deal might not suit him. $18.4 million is a big payday but he has shown his consistency and that could be leveraged for a longer contract. Realistically, a 4 year deal around $55 million could be his ideal contract.

Chris Taylor looks likely to stay in Los Angeles

Either way, it seems likely that he will stay with the Dodgers, at least for the 2022 season which is great news for the Dodgers.

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