Crazy Ending Almost Guarantees Champions League Spot for Liverpool


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Well it was the 94th minute in a game that Liverpool was dropping valuable points against already relegated West Bromwich Albion. They were 1-1 as they headed into the 95th minute and Liverpool having just received a corner kick. One thing that you probably weren’t expecting to see was goalkeeper Alisson Becker running up the pitch. While his intentions were good, the risk was now even greater for Liverpool.

Why send the goalkeeper forward?

Some of you might be thinking that it is completely natural for a goalkeeper to run up there and assist his side to get a win but they risked losing the tie as well. If Bromwich were to make a quick clearance, a Bromwich striker would have had the net empty to slot away the winning goal. That would have put Liverpool down 2-1 and kept them at 60 points. Which would have been vital as they heeded into the final 2 match days.

That would have made it nearly impossible for Liverpool to secure a 4th place finish. Chelsea would have had 64 and Leicester would have had 66. Of course, both Leicester and Chelsea could still lose both remaining matches which would have given Liverpool a mathematical chance at finishing 4th.

Alisson Becker wasted talent as goalkeeper?

But that doesn’t matter anymore does it? Alisson Becker headed in one of the most spectacular headers in the Premier League season. Yes, it won’t win a Puskas award for how pretty it was. However, the situation in which it was scored in could have not been better scripted by Hollywood.

Liverpool scenarios of Champions League spot

Liverpool not only have a good chance to finish 4th, they now control their own destiny. They will end up with 69 points if they winter next 2 matches. Chelsea can end up with 70 points in they win their next two matches but that means Leicester would be limited to 69 points. Then the tiebreaker would be settled by goal difference which should be in Liverpools favor by then. Leicester currently has a 21 goal difference which is the same as Liverpool but if Leicester were to lose against Chelsea, then that number will at most be 20.

If Leicester wins the rest of their games, they will end up with 72 points but it will limit Chelsea to 67 points which will be easy pickings for Liverpool. Of course this is all contingent on Liverpool winning both remaining games.

If Leicester and Chelsea were to tie then Leicester will be limited to 70 points and Chelsea to 68 points. Liverpool would then control their own destiny. Liverpool’s best hopes will be for Chelsea to drop points in their match against Leicester. They can also hope for big win by Chelsea. A 1 goal win by Chelsea will really make things interesting on the final match day for both Leicester and Liverpool.

If Liverpool drop points in any match, all these calculations will be off. Then it will be a mad dash for the top 4 on the final match day. However, Chelsea can still qualify for a Champions League spot if they win their Champions League Final matchup against Premier League rivals, Manchester City.

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