New Apple iMac is Best Designed Desktop on the Market


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It is no secret that Apple makes beautiful products. While there have been many criticisms over the last decade about its embrace of simplicity and minimalism, it just seems to work when they do it. There is a clean and professional look that every Apple product has exhibited over the past decade and the new Apple iMac is no different.

iMac’s complete redesign

While many of the reviews of the iMac focus on the specs and performance of the desktop, we are going to focus on the design. Of course, the specs and performance are important, we thought that the design of the iMac deserved an article of its own.

Apple iMac
Apple iMac

When it comes to desktops, there are hardly any that come to mind when it comes to looks. And that is by design (excuse the pun). When companies engineer a computer they do not focus on the design or style. And I don’t blame them. Why would it need to look nice if it will sit in an office space or tucked in the corner somewhere in your house?

Sign of the times

The way that people are using computers is changing. Computers are becoming more and more of an accent in people’s homes. While it still isn’t too common in a household, that seems to be the trend. Although laptops are generally the same price as desktops, the preference tends to side with laptops due to convenience.

As we are transitioning into a world post-COVID there is a higher percentage of people working remotely. And this is the perfect work computer for those working remotely. I won’t go into the specifics of how this computer performs but the initial reviews have been good and it will feature Apple’s M1 chip so it should be fast.

Apple iMac
Apple iMac

First off, the iMac comes in 7 different colors… 7. There are an abundance of choices and one that will definitely suit your preferences. My favorites are the blue, pink, and green hues. While the colors do pop and standout, the computer is only 11.5mm wide. Not only that, but it also weighs less than 10 pounds!

iMac’s minimalistic style

It is minimalistic style at its peak. This and at 24 inches wide, it does not clutter your desk. The stand that the display is attached to also provides a lot of swivel action to adjectives the angel of the display and it does so with a rather thin construction. The width of the stand is slightly thinner than the display and it sits at about 4 inches wide at the base.

One thing that many were quick to criticize is that the new iMac got rid of its black bezels. Now the bezels are white and a lot thinner than before. What you get now is mostly screen and the white almost makes it look borderless compared to the black bezels. Some people like this, others don’t but I think it looks cool.

Apple iMac
Apple iMac

The only criticism that I would have about the new iMac is that is does not have the Apple logo at the face of the computer. Instead the only logo is on the back. The redesign is so different that some people might not even recognize that it is an iMac if they were to only look at it from the front.

Either way, I think it is the best looking desktop on the market. You can pre-order today on Apple and have it by late-May. Price is steep, starting at $1,299.

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