One Stat That Is Worrying From the Dodgers


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The Dodgers have lost 3 games in a row. Their record has dropped to 53-34. But none of those stats are worrisome. The Dodgers still remain only 1 game behind the Giants. Their +116 run differential is still the second best in the entire league. So what’s the problem in Los Angeles?

Over .500 vs under .500 teams

The Dodgers are under .500 when it comes to playing teams over .500 this season. It’s a rather strange statistic but it’s true. Their current record is 18-20 so they are close to the .500 mark. Still you expect a team like the Dodgers to dominate their opponents no matter what their record is.

The Giants and the Padres both have records that are over the .500 mark. The Giants are relatively comfortable with a 20-15 record. It is good enough for second-best in the National League. The Giants do this with their stellar pitching staff. They have only given up 315 runs this year which is again second-best in the National League. The Dodgers have given up 323 runs on the year.

Padres are up to the challenge

The Padres have the best record against against teams over .500 in the National League. Their 27-19 record speaks volumes to them becoming a serious contender. The Padres have scored 409 runs and allowed 322. They rank 4th in runs and runs allowed in the National League so they are a pretty well rounded team. They are currently in 3rd place in the NL West but they are only 3.5 games back of the Giants.

None of this means that the Dodgers are inferior to the Giants or the Padres. There are plenty of reasons for this. Roberts likes to give some players days off. The Dodgers have been affected by injuries more than most this season. Their record is solid and it has been a successful season so far even if they are in second place.

Dodgers are in a good place but they can improve

The only thing that remains a sore to the eye is their record against above average teams. When the playoffs come around, they will only play against teams with a record above .500 so they better tweak their approach. Obviously they will since everyone does in the playoffs. But still, there should be slight concern over that statistic. I would rate this as a rather mild warning sign. They are still the Dodgers. Any team that they face in the playoffs will have to go through Buehler, Kershaw, and Urias so that is not to be taken lightly.

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