Mookie Betts

Dodger All Star Selections Don’t Make Any Sense

The Dodgers have some odd selections for the 2021 MLB All Star Game. They only have 3 selections but they have a couple snubs.

Dodgers Falling Behind in NL West Race

The Dodgers appear to be heading to third place once again. The Giants and Padres are gaining critical ground before the All Star break.

Is Mookie Betts Finally Finding His Stride?

Betts and the Dodgers are hoping that a 3 game hitting streak can spark Mookie back in to MVP form as they get set to take on the Braves.

Los Angeles Dodgers Sign Pujols in Head Scratching Deal

The Dodgers have surprisingly signed Pujols who was recently let go by the Angels. What can the Dodgers possibly expect from Pujols?