Is Mookie Betts Finally Finding His Stride?


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Well it’s too soon to tell but his 3 game hitting streak has been very promising. This is actually only the second time he’s been able to string hits in 3 games in a row. That little streak happened a few weeks ago and he’s still obviously been in a slump. Could this time be different? Yes.

The second time Betts has a 3 game hitting streak

The last time he had a 3 game hitting streak, it wasn’t all that impressive. Betts went 3 for 13 and only managed one walk in that span. He didn’t look comfortable and he didn’t seem like he was seeing the ball that well. Fast forward 2 weeks and he’s achieved another 3 game hitting streak, but this time it’s more convincing.

In the last 3 games, Mookie Betts has gone 6 for 11 and has walked twice. He’s been able to see the ball really well which has kept him to only one strikeout in that span. Another thing that separates this streak from the last is productivity. In his first streak, he only managed to record one RBI. This time around he’s been able to record 3 RBIs.

This time around, he’s more productive

Not only that, but his total bases are higher as well, from 6 to 8. More productivity has allowed him to gain more confidence which is something he sorely needs. In this 3 game hitting streak, he’s been able to raise his average from .246 to .264 which is almost a 20 point difference!

Betts goes 3-4 with 2 RBIs as Dodgers win big on June 2nd, 2021

Yesterday’s massive win against the Cardinals could not have come at a better time for Mookie and the Dodgers. It’s a game that should lift moral in the clubhouse despite being in 3rd place in the standings. They have an off day today as they travel to Atlanta for a 2020 NLCS rematch.

Only a matter of time before Betts returns to MVP form

There’s no doubt of Betts’ talent, it’s just a matter of when he can get back into rhythm and this might be that time.

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