Mike Trout All Star Appearance In Jeopardy


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Mike Trout has been out for almost a month now. He went on the injured list on May 18th with a calf strain that he suffered the day before. The injury was rather odd since he only seemed to be jogging when the injury occurred. At the time, the estimated return was 6 to 8 weeks which put him on track for a return after the All Star Game.

How to handle the Mike Trout situation

So what happens now? The Angels will get him back in the lineup sometime in July which they desperately need. But what happens to Mike Trout’s legacy? In 2020, there was no All Star Game so his 8 straight appearances came to an unofficial end. But Trout has still been able to make every All Star appearance possible.

But this year is slightly different. This is an All Star Game scheduled to take place. But he’s hurt. His timeline of return seems to point to after the game. He will have missed about a month and a half of the season when the All Star Game is set to be played. He would have spend almost half the season on the injured list when the game takes place.

Trout’s stellar year before injury

On the year, he is batting with a .333 AVG and had 8 HRs. Mike Trout was on track to challenge the home run leaders but he probably missed too much time to have a shot at the home run crown. His on-base percentage was a staggering .466 as well. Trout was having his best start of any season in his career.

So does that deserve an All Star Game Selection? We think yes. I think it would be fitting to give him a selection. Even if MLB gives the American League an extra selection knowing that Trout wouldn’t be able to play. Of course this is very unlikely to happen but it’s something they should very much be considering.

Will Mike Trout be in Colorado?

Trout is a generational player and it’s not like he wasn’t one of this season’s best performers either. He was definitely on track for another selection. In fact he was on track for another MVP type year.

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