Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 DNA University Collection


One of the more exciting releases from Adidas is coming on September 4, 2020. They are releasing 8 different colorways so there’s definitely one for everyone. The Adidas Ultraboost silhouette is one of the most popular running shoes in recent years, but does that justify the $180 price point?

Adidas Ultraboost University Collection
Adidas Ultraboost University Collection

Alright so while I go over these releases, I will also be ranking them. There are 4 colorways that really stand out from the rest. All Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 DNA University releases will come with university velcro patches that can replace the Adidas logo.

Adidas Ultraboost University Collection

At number 4, I have the Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 DNA ‘Hurricanes‘ release. It features an 2-toned colorway which is how all of the releases are. The ‘Hurricanes’ release is an orange and white design which works really well with the Ultraboost silhouette. Because the orange is a lighter tone, you can really see the intricate stitch work from the Ultraboost.

Adidas Ultraboost 'Huskies'
Adidas Ultraboost ‘Huskies’

At number 3, the Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 DNA ‘Huskies‘ makes an appearance. The ‘Huskies’ release is going to sport a blue and gold colorway. Blue is always going to be a fan-favorite colorway and adding in the gold Adidas stripes makes it even more likeable.

Adidas Ultraboost 'Hoosiers'
Adidas Ultraboost ‘Hoosiers’

The ‘Hoosiers‘ release comes in at number 2. It features a simple creme colorway with red Adidas stripes. The Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 DNA ‘Hoosiers’ release is one of the more formal looking designs from the university collection.

Adidas Ultraboost 'Aggies'
Adidas Ultraboost ‘Aggies’

And at number 1, I have the ‘Aggies‘ release. I am a huge fan of burgundy so this was a clear cut favorite for me. The white Adidas stripes increases the contrast in the sneaker which adds some character to the design.

Ultraboost Priced Too High

The Adidas Ultraboost collection is one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market, but I can’t justify the $180 price point. If you graduated from any of these universities or they feature your dream school, then I would say buy them.

When will the Adidas Ultraboost 1.0 DNA University collection be released?

The entire collection will be released on September 4, 2020 at 7 am PT on Adidas website.

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