Lionel Messi and Barcelona Gearing Up for a Transfer Battle


At this point, you should be rooting for Lionel Messi to get out of FC Barcelona. I am a Barcelona fan but I think Lionel Messi deserves to play wherever he wants to. He has given this club everything over the past 20 years and if he wants to leave, it should be up to him.

Even if there are clauses in his contract that don’t allow him to leave, hasn’t he earned the opportunity to leave? Messi has increased revenue so much at Barcelona and they are one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. This means that they don’t need the $825 million release clause that they are enforcing.

Lionel Messi Barcelona Jersey
Lionel Messi Barcelona Jersey

Now the actual number for the release clause will most likely end up being a lot lower but still Barcelona doesn’t need that money. In all likelihood, The release clause will most likely negotiated down to around $300 million. A lot of teams can afford that amount but that takes small clubs out of contention.

Either way, it appears as though Messi only wants to play for Manchester City. They should have no problem paying for this since they are stacked with cash. There was a meeting today between Messi’s father, who is also his agent, and the president of FC Barcelona.

At the meeting, Messi’s father made it clear that Messi wants to leave so it is just a matter of what transfer fee both parties feel comfortable with. One can only hope that Messi’s transfer happens sooner rather than later. We all want to know where he is going to end up.

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