Messi Set to Leave Barcelona: Man City and Other Favorites


The soccer world will never be the same again. August 25, 2020 will be remembered as one of the most significant dates in soccer history. Lionel Messi, the franchise face of Barcelona, has requested to leave after nearly 20 years. And the club he wants to join? None other than Manchester City.

It has been a long time coming for Barcelona, their dominance in Europe has been dwindling since their last Champions League title in 2015. One of the main reasons to their downfall? Their age.

Camp Nou
Messi Set to Leave Barcelona

Experience Isn’t Key

There is a sense of nostalgia at the club, and rightfully so since they have housed some of the most prolific players in the history of the sport. But that has led them to hold onto players that are arguably passed their prime.

Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique are two players in particular that should be at the forefront for Barcelona’s struggles. Today’s game is centered around speed and Busquets and Pique are not built for that.

But that’s an issue that can be taken care of relatively easy with better transfers and purchases.

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    And don’t get me wrong, they are great players but they make it harder on the rest of the team for not being able to handle their load. Even though, Jordi Alba is around the same age, but he is well equipped for today’s evolving game.

    Barcelona’s Achilles Heel

    The most important issue by far are the executives at Barcelona. That has always been recognized by the Barcelona faithful. But it is now at the forefront since Messi wants to leave.

    Their purchases and transfers have been questionable over the last few years amounting to a colossal meltdown. And now, Messi wants out.

    Where will he land? Well that’s the billion dollar question. Reports have been clear that Messi wants to join Manchester City. But will he consider elsewhere? Maybe and of course we are going to speculate wildly.

    Lionel Messi Barcelona Jersey
    Lionel Messi Barcelona Jersey

    The Guessing Game for Messi’s Future

    Manchester City is the obvious favorite because of the ties Messi has with it. Pep is the manage there so there is some familiarity and they have a solid squad that can make them competitive for the Champions League immediately.

    The unbiased soccer fan might say that this doesn’t really make things interesting for the soccer community. Manchester City might be too good if Messi joins.

    Chelsea and Manchester United would be a much more interesting fit for him since they are on the cusp of being a great team and Messi can definitely put them there.

    Juventus don’t seem likely to sign him but that would be something. Ronaldo attacking the box from the left and Messi centering it from the right. And Juventus isn’t necessarily stacked with talented individuals like Manchester City are so it would be interesting to have him there.

    Inter would also be interesting to see especially considering the Ronaldo – Messi rivalry would commence again.

    PSG seems like another great fit for him. Reuniting with his old pal Neymar could be enough to convince him to go there. And PSG’s chase for a Champions League title might make it an interesting storyline should Messi help them lift them over the edge.

    No he will not join an MLS team and I’m not even going to speculate on that.

    Those teams seem like the only likely landing spots at the moment. He’s never expressed any interest in playing in Germany so it’s not likely he’ll end up there.

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