Lucid Motors: Tesla’s Most Serious Competitor


There is going to come a time when Tesla will have a competitor in the EV market. It might come sooner than you’re expecting.

When I say EV, I’m not talking about the Nissan Leaf or the BMW i3. I’m talking about practical EV cars that actually compete with gas cars. You might be asking yourself right now, which EVs actually compete with gas cars?

Well, first things first, Teslas. Arguably the most practical EV cars on the market today. Polestars also seem like practical EVs but wow are they ugly. Other notable EVs include the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-tron, and Mercedes-Benz EQC.

But what’s wrong with these other EVs I just mentioned? They aren’t extremely practical. Their prices are in the high 60’s to low 70’s which seems like a lot considering their subpar range. All of them sit around 220 miles which doesn’t come close to the Model X’s range of 330.

It would make sense to just buy the Tesla and with their Model Y coming out at high 40’s, they have them beat by a long shot. But is there a car that competes with a Tesla?

The Model 3, X, & Y have no competition as of yet. But the Model S could be in trouble.

Lucid Motors is looking like a real threat to Tesla. They are introducing their Lucid Air EV which will seriously hurt the Model S sales. The Lucid Air comes at a low 60’s price point so it is relatively the same price as the Model S.

Lucid Air Dashboard

But the design is actually better than the Model S, although that can vary from person to person. However, their range isn’t going to vary from person to person and it is significantly better than the Model S.

The base ranges around the same range as the Model S, coming in at the low 400’s. But where they leave their competitor in the dust is the long range model.

The Lucid Motor’s long range car has a record-breaking 517 mile capability. That sits close to 30% more than the Model S Long Range.

And if that doesn’t convince you that it can compete with the Model S, check out their features. All their cars will be equipped with autonomous driving capabilities just like the Model S. And they also offer a 4 seater option which I think is absolutely genius.

Lucid Motors
Executive Seating

I personally have owned a Model 3, Camry, and Prius so I have a bit of knowledge when it comes to middle seats. And let me tell you, no one ever sits in them. If you’re looking to fit 5 in a car, you always have to go with an SUV.

So what’s the point of having the middle seat? I don’t know. But Lucid Motor’s 4 seat design allows them to have ‘executive seats’ in the back which leaves much more room and the ability to recline.

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    The Lucid Air is going to seriously compete with the Tesla Model S. Tesla needs to make a redesign quick or it may start losing out on market share. Even though, Tesla has been adamant that they will not have ‘refreshes’, they may consider one now. Unless they decide to produce a whole new car in general.

    One thing is for sure, none of these come close to the Charge EV but their price point puts them out of contention since they just aren’t practical.

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