May 2021 MLB Team Rankings


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Usually the number one spot was always reserved for the Dodgers without much thought. But this week, it’s a tough one. The Brewers have 16 players on the IL while still boasting the second-most wins in all of baseball… However, even with their terrible stretch to end the month of April and begin the month of May, the Dodgers also have the second-most wins in all of baseball, 17. So who do I pick? Is it even one of these two teams? Could the A’s make the case that they are deserving of the spot since they do solely have the most wins in baseball, 18. Let’s find out who made the May 2021 MLB Team Rankings.

And the winner is…

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers

I am so sorry fans of any team besides the Dodgers. I cannot push down the Dodgers just yet. They still have 17 wins even with their recent woes. They currently have the best run differential in all of baseball, +45, and still have baseball’s deepest roster. However, I will compromise. If the Dodgers’ struggles continue this week against the Cubs and Angels then they will be dropped. Although both the Cubs and Angels are okay teams, the Angels providing a bit more of a challenge, the Dodgers are easily expected to take care of them. So for now, the Dodgers retain their #1 MLB Team Ranking spot.

  1. Milwaukee Brewers

Well it seems as though the Brewers might be the most underrated team in all of baseball. While there have been other surprises like the Oakland A’s and the Seattle Mariners, the Brewers have excelled expectations despite key roster injuries. The biggest name they’re missing is former NL MVP, Christian Yelich. At the moment of writing this article, they have 16 players on the IL which is incredible considering the record they have. One thing that might be getting overlooked when you look at their record is that they have played against some good teams to get where they are. They have taken a four game series from the Dodgers, swept the Padres on the road, and have won every series against the Cubs and Cardinals. Could the Brewers be possible dark horses to win the World Series? We’ll have a clearer picture once they get their IL trimmed.

  1. Oakland A’s

They started terribly (1-7) then regained traction after a 14 game win-streak. That has been good enough to give the A’s the most wins in all of baseball at 18. However, they have played 9 games in total against the Orioles and Tigers. That shouldn’t discredit them too much since they have played against the Astros, Dodgers, Rays, and Twins. Whether this team is for real or not is beyond my guessing abilities. The A’s always have a mediocre-appearing roster and end up exceeding expectations. Yet, they also fail to make a real push in the playoffs. Regardless, I do think they will win their division with their biggest threat coming from the Astros.

  1. San Diego Padres and San Fransisco Giants

I know there are no ties in baseball but there are ties in The Ventric’s rankings. Both teams have shown flashes of brilliance and mediocrity. Both are actually tied with 17 wins on the season, but the Giants have less losses than the Padres. The tie will be broken this week when the two meet with each other in San Fransisco. Whoever wins the series will be positioned higher next week.

The rest of the Top 10 MLB teams from the month of April

  1. Boston Red Sox

The Rox Sox could arguably be positioned in 3rd place but for some reason, I’m not buying into the hype yet. After starting the season getting swept by the Orioles, they have only lost one series that came at the hands of the Rangers. Those other series involved the likes of the Rays, Twins, White Sox, Mariners, Blue Jays, and the Mets. However, it’s their last series against the Rangers that keeps them out of the top 5. Losing a 4 game series to the Rangers should not be rewarded so they weren’t

  1. Tampa Bay Rays

I know it’s a bit odd to put the Ray at the 6 spot considering that they are 15-15. But they have played against the Yankees (twice), Red Sox, Royals, Blue Jays, A’s, and Astros so to come out of that schedule at .500 should be very encouraging. Pitching has surprisingly been an issue for them but their bats have been able to bail them out. If they can figure out their pitching situation and Arozarena can hit his stride, the team can easily be a contender for the top 5.

  1. St Louis Cardinals

I am hesitant to even put them in the top 10 but I will let the Cardinals have their moment. Wainwright and Molina are surprisingly putting up good numbers despite their rising age. They are currently 17-12 which gives them the second-most wins in all of baseball (I feel like I’ve said that about every team so far). While that record might look good on paper, they have had the fortune of playing the Marlins, Pirates, and Reds (twice). Although they have had to series with both the Phillies and the Nationals so something could be said there about their validity.

  1. Chicago White Sox

The White Sox have seemed to be scrapping by with a 15-12 record. They have played some easy opposition but have had their fair share of injuries. Luis Robert recently strained his right hip flexor so he will be out for a few months. Despite their apparent lackluster performances, they have the third-best run differential in the league. The Yerminator can only hold up this offense for so long (.395 AVG with 5 HR). Jose Abreu will have to start carrying his fair share for the team to be in real contention (.202 AVG).

  1. Seattle Mariners

Honestly, the Mariners should probably be in the top 5 but I just don’t believe it yet. Part of me still thinks that this is a fluke. They have arguably had the toughest schedule in baseball so far and they have came out over .500 so I don’t have much of an argument as to why they are so low besides me saying that it’s a gut feeling. They have faced the likes of the Giants, White Sox, Twins, Astros (twice), Dodgers, Red Sox, and Angels. If they can put together two more weeks of solid baseball, they’ll climb the ranks with ease.

Near misses…

The Astros just missed out on a top 10 spot. They face the Yankees this week so if they win the series, it’ll be hard to justify keeping them out next week. Yankees and the Blue Jays would be other teams that are missing are missing out on a narrow margin. The rest have some work to do before they start getting considered in the top 10 MLB Team Rankings.

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