Cincinnati Looking to Offload Potential Strong Arms to the Dodgers

The Dodgers are looking to get Luis Castillo & Sonny Grey from the Reds as they try to unload some of their payroll for the 2022 season.

Chris Taylor Declines Qualifying Offer Meaning Negotiations On the Way

Chris Taylor declining the Dodgers' qualifying offer does not mean he wants to leave. He wants a more years on his contract.

Is Max Scherzer Top Priority For the Dodgers?

Max Scherzer is looking to be the highest paid player this offseason but does that make him too expensive for the Dodgers?

Dodgers Are Early Favorites to Win 2022 World Series According to Caesars Sportsbook

According to Caesars Sportsbook, the Dodgers are the favorites to win the 2022 World Series, despite being holes in their current roster.

Corey Seager Declines Qualifying Offer From Dodgers as Expected

Corey Seager is looking for a long-term and high value contract this offseason. Can the Dodgers afford him or do they stick with Gavin Lux?

Dodgers Rightly Extend a Qualifying Offer to Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a very underrated player. His value to the Dodgers specifically makes it very likely that they're both looking to make it work

Dodgers Start the Offseason By Signing Andrew Heaney

An odd start to the offseason by the Dodgers. They do not extend a qualifying offer to Kershaw and sign wildcard Andrew Heaney.

Dodgers Don’t Extend Qualifying Offer to Clayton Kershaw

Is it good or bad that the Dodgers did not extend a qualifying offer to Clayton Kershaw? A breakdown on what the strategy is for both parties.

How the Giants Eliminated the Dodgers One Series Later

A series so great that it doomed whoever won. Winning the NLDS deserves some recognition but it came at the cost of the World Series.

Dodgers Record vs Teams Over .500

Sometimes this stat can be very predictive in determining how far a team will go in October. Did the Dodgers underachieve or overdeliver?

Dodgers Are the 2021 World Series Champions… Probably

The Dodgers are once again at the top of MLB rankings. Their recent moves to bolster their rotation was the difference maker.

Could the Angels Make a Surprise Move for Scherzer?

Angel fans are hoping for another splash move from the Angels' front office. Scherzer is a far reach but they have the capacity to get him.
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