What the Hell is Going on in Green Bay? The Rodgers Saga Continues


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay front office, specifically GM Brian Gutekunst, have been making headlines over the past couple of weeks as the 2021 NFL Draft came and went. Aaron Rodgers wants out and the Packers are adamant that they are going to keep Rodgers at least for the next season.

Where it all started

It all seemed to start last year in the 2020 NFL Draft when the Packers traded up to draft Jordan Love, a QB whose sole purpose would be to replace Rodgers in the next couple of years. This was met with bewilderment all across the league as the Packers seemingly put Rodgers on the market. It basically appeared as though they wanted to rebuild and a good package for Rodgers would sway them to trade him away. Granted, that was fairly odd given that Rodgers had just led them to the NFC Championship Game. Reports came out that Rodgers was also bewildered and rather agitated that the Packers did not even inform him of their intention to draft his replacement instead of adding someone to assist him on the field.

What did Rodgers do in response? Well he made the Green Bay front office look foolish. Rodgers led them to another NFC Championship Game and won the MVP. With his performance, Rodgers put the Packers in a really weird situation. They had seemingly been planning for the future when they should have been planning for the present. With a high-level draft pick in the WR or CB position, things could have worked out slightly different last season for Rodgers and the Packers. Even trading down for an established WR or CB could have also been enough to seal the deal for the Packers to win another Lombardi Trophy.

Green Bay Packers deserve all the blame

Adding to the fire, in September Aaron Rodgers expressed his optimism and admiration of Green Bay WR Jake Kumerow. Right after Rodgers made his feelings known about the wide receiver in an interview, the Packers released him. Again, the Packers seemingly going out of their way to displease one of the greatest QBs of all-time.

In November Rodgers also stated that he would not lobby for a WR since the last time he did that they “ended up in Buffalo”. Obviously, this was a shot at the front office of Green Bay.

It seems as though this is what everything has been leading up to. Rodgers could and should only take so much. And now he has made it clear that he wants out of Green Bay. While the Green Bay Packers have made it clear that they intend on having Rodgers as their QB next season. Who will get their way? It’s tough to tell but if I was the Packers wouldn’t really want Rodgers not the team given all that has happened. Of course, he’s their only shot at the playoffs but the Packers made their bed so they should sleep in it.

Potential landing spots for Rodgers

The 49ers, Raiders, and the Broncos have all shown interest in the QB but have received no interest from the Packers. Things aren’t looking good for Rodgers and it seems like time is running out for anything to happen.

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