FC Barcelona are Unofficially Officially Eliminated from La Liga


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After a poor start to the season, Barcelona had roared back to put pressure on Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Barcelona started the season 8-4-4 which is a big hole to dig yourself out of, but they almost did. With their recent draw against Levante, their mathematical chance to win La Liga are astronomical.

Levante get the best of FC Barcelona

Barcelona were winning the game until the 84th minute when Levante finally found the equalizer. That result put Barcelona 1 point behind Atletico, who has a game in hand. Of course, if Atletico were to lose then it’s game on in La Liga again. Even a draw from Atletico will increase Barcelona’s chances but it will still not be great odds.

Atletico will face Real Sociedad who can pack a punch so an upset is not completely out of the question. With a loss, Barcelona will actually have gained a point on Atletico to make the race tighter but Barcelona would still need Atletico to tie or lose at least once. It’s a tough ask but theoretically it is still possible.

Koeman in the hot seat

Koeman is in the hot-seat now since his side have only one once in the past four games. Had they won all their games expect for the Atletico match, they would have been in control of their own destiny. Now, they are force to cheer for specific results as the season comes to a close. One thing seems for sure, Barcelona’s future is uncertain. Koeman will likely be sacked at the end of the season. There is a good chance Messi will leave the club. It’s not a good time to be a Barcelona fan.

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