Dodgers Send Kershaw in Series Opener Against Trash-stros


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Well the games won’t be played in Los Angeles but the games are going to be exciting nonetheless. In last year’s matchups, Joe Kelly became a fan-favorite for the iconic pouting face he made towards the Astros bench when he got out of a jam. Of course, he was throwing at them but none of the pitches hit an Astros player… So it beats me why the Astros’ players were so upset.

Joe Kelly remains fan-favorite

Anyways, Joe Kelly is healthy and ready to go so we hope to see him in this series but Roberts might be reluctant to put him in. If the Dodgers were still struggling for wins, then this would be a great way to inspire the team and come together against the most hated team in baseball. But the Dodgers are already 9-1 in their last 10 games and they are .5 games back from first place of the NL West. So you can’t blame Roberts too much if he wants to avoid anything that can put his players in harms way of getting hurt or suspended.

However, even if he plays it safe this time, which I would understand, the Dodgers will host the Astros in Los Angeles in August and I expect things to get relatively ugly then. Hopefully by August have a good lead in the division and can afford a few suspensions here and there should things get out of control for a pitch or two.

Roberts will look to keep control of Dodger players

I am not advocating that anyone should throw at anyone but chances are hight that it will happen. I would much rather all the games be extremely competitive and have the Dodgers win a tough fought game. But odds are things will get out of control. One thing that might point to things simmering down is that it has now been over a year since the Astros confessed to cheating. But sometimes time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Both the Dodgers and the Astros will be sending out their best arms for the 2-game series. Clayton Kershaw is set to take on Greinke in what is sure to be the game of the week. Kershaw was originally scheduled to start on Sunday in the finale against the Giants but was pushed back to face the Astros. Roberts has been tinkering with starters all year given all their injuries. This marks the first time that Clayton Kershaw will pitch in Minute Maid Park since the 2017 World Series.

Kershaw will be pitching with vengeance

Kershaw has more to be mad about than other players and fans. He was batted around in that 2017 World Series. Whether he has put that behind him, only he knows. But he’s never truly had his revenge and this might be the perfect time to get it as he takes on the Astros’ ace in their own ballpark.

Wednesday’s starter for the Dodgers is scheduled to be Bauer who was a vocal criticizer of the Astros and MLB for not punishing them severely enough. Bauer is one of the most animated pitchers in baseball. He is sure to ruffle a few feathers if he starts dominating early. He will take on Garcia in the rubber match. Garcia is having a great year with a 3.38 ERA to go with it. The Dodgers will have their hands full as they look to provide Bauer some run support.

Houston, we have a problem

No matter what way you look at it, these two games will be eventful. Great pitching matchups on the way and a great plot added into the mix. Dodgers are looking to keep their momentum rolling. I’m picking them to extend their winning streak to 9 and get some meaningful wins in Houston. While the pitching matchups are even, the Dodgers’ lineup continues to be the best despite injuries.

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