2020 MLB Playoffs – Wild Card Series Preview


What a fun ride that was! I don’t care if there were no fans. I don’t care that there were less games. The only thing that mattered to me was that baseball was back!

One quick shout out to Mike Trout for being the best in baseball. As always you will be missed in October (except that one miraculous year in 2014). It is literally one of baseball’s biggest tragedies. Just imagine what he could have been doing with consistent playoff appearances. Sure he could have had lackluster numbers, but he could have been the new Mr. October…

However, I digress. Let’s take a look at the Wild Card Series matchups and who we think will proceed to the Divisional Series.

#1 Tamba Bay Rays vs #8 Toronto Blue Jays

This is one of the easier predictions we have to make. The Rays look like a World Series favorite early on and the Blue Jays lack depth to really mount a challenge against the pitching-heavy Rays.

#4 Cleveland Indians vs #5 New York Yankees

The Indians have been a surprise story as of late. They started off really slow but they are the hottest team in baseball right now and we all know that can go a long way in the playoffs. However, we still like the Yankees to advance from the AL Wild Card Series.

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays
#3 Minnesota Twins vs #6 Houston Astros

This is probably going to be the most watched Wild Card Series because of the entire baseball community rooting for any team going against the Astros. The Twins seem like clear favorites here so that’s who we’re going with.

#2 Oakland Athletics vs #7 Chicago White Sox

Even though the Chicago White Sox have a great lineup, we are big fans of the Oakland Athletics. We’re actually picking them to go all the way to the Championship Series.

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs #8 Milwaukee Brewers

Christian Yelich was unfortunate enough to go up against the Dodgers. If the Dodgers do happen to bow out in the Wild Card Series then it would surely cause big changes in the organization.

Wild Card Series Team
Los Angeles Dodgers
#4 San Diego Padres vs #5 St. Louis Cardinals

Padres are clear favorites here but injuries could hurt their chances. However, we don’t see that happening. It might affect them if they make a deep playoff run though. Their biggest challenge should come in the Divisional Series against the Dodgers.

Wild Card Series Team
San Diego Padres
#3 Chicago Cubs vs #6 Miami Marlins

For some reason, we are liking the Marlins in this series. Cubs definitely have the better team but a gut feeling is telling us the Marlins will prevail in the Wild Card Series.

#2 Atlanta Braves vs #7 Cincinnati Reds

Acuna will get the Braves passed the Reds. The Braves should make it to the Championship Series.

MLB Playoffs Host Stadium
MLB Playoffs Host Stadium

Wild Card Series Summary

At the end of the day a 3 game series means that anyone can prevail. This kind of format definitely suits the weaker teams. We are only choosing 2 upsets, the Yankees and the Marlins, so there are probably going to be a few wrong… But hey, it’s the playoffs so let’s just enjoy them!

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