The Twilight Zone 2019 – Reimagined Classic by Jordan Peel


We all have mixed feelings about remakes. Usually remake announcements are met with hostile feelings from casual fans but the diehard fans tend to favor getting new material in any form. There has been a shifting landscape on how remakes are perceived in recent times. Part of this is due to the fact that remakes have been getting better and better. Whereas past remakes would cut corners and limit resources, they are now given priority at some production companies since they know loyal fans will make it worth their while.

The Chilling Original

The Twilight Zone was originally released in 1959 and lasted 5 seasons. It truly is a timeless classic that continues to be involved in today’s pop culture references. Rod Serling created a wonderfully horrific alternate reality that allowed our fears and creativity to wander. It was such a spectacle and perennial favorite that some Disney parks feature a ‘Tower of Terror’ ride based on the original show.

Tower Of Terror
Tower Of Terror

When the news was announces by CBS that the remake was in the works and Jordan Peele was going to be an executive producer, fans were genuinely excited. Jordan Peele had just become a house-hold name after his stellar directorial debut with Get Out. There is no question that he deserved the responsibility to oversee the remake of such a classic series.

Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone

The first season of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone, debuted in 2019 and the message was clear from the beginning. While the show was keeping with its horror theme, the undertone was definitely socially-conscious. This could easily be attributed to the relatively sub-par reviews it has garnered on various rating platforms.

Many of the reviews that rated the series under 3 stars generally attributed their reasoning to social issues brought up in The Twilight Zone. Of course it’s important for a remake to stay true to its roots, but it is important for the remakes to have their own identity as well. I personally think it’s a nice touch to have current world issues in the show. At times, the show gets a bit nervy because of how real it seems at times which makes it better.

Highlighted Episodes From Season 1
  • “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet” – This episode stars Adam Scott, famously on Parks and Recreation. The episode is loosely based on “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”, an episode from the original The Twilight Zone series.
  • “Replay” – Perhaps the most powerful episode from the first season. The plot focuses on a mom that discovers her camcorder has the ability to turn back time. The whole time she is just trying to get her son to college orientation, but a power-hungry racist cop makes it nearly impossible.
  • “Six Degrees of Freedom” – While this episode does have a relatively slow progression which seems to be a metaphor to their time in space, tensions run high as minds are starting to crack.
  • “Point of Origin” – Arguably the most political episode, focuses on a woman who has been revealed to be an immigrant from another dimension. If you are looking for terror, you won’t find it in this episode.

The second season is more laidback on social issues but the episodes are just as good. Fantasy and Sci-Fi take a greater role in this season which appealed to many viewers.

Highlighted Episodes From Season 2
  • “Meet in the Middle” – The season opener makes a splash with a love story but takes an eerie turn.
  • “Among the Untrodden” – A perfect tribute to the teenager drama genre.
  • “Try, Try, Try” – Another “love story” that takes another eerie twist.

If you’re looking for a show that you want to casually watch, then look no further. This rendition of The Twilight Zone will have you unsteadily looking over your shoulder as you make your way to the kitchen for some snacks.

Where can I watch The Twilight Zone (2019)?

CBS All Access is currently the only streaming service that features this show.

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